Wollastonite is a chain of metasilicates, generally fibrous and dense. Chemical molecular formula is CaSiO3, structural formula is Ca3[Si3O9], theoretical chemical compositions: CaO 48.25%, SiO2 51.75%, Mohs hardness 4.5 ~ 5.5, density 2.75 ~ 3.10g/cm3.

Acicular structure –a kind of excellent natural fiber

Super white, non-toxic, smelless, harmless, free of asbestos

High temperature stability and insulation

Low water absorption and oil absorption

Corrosion resistance, weatherproof and rub resistance

HC - Building material grade
H-Polymer grade
Y-Functional filler grade
S - Functional filler grade
M - Electrode metallurgy grade
HP –Paper-making grade
Physical Properties
Grade Loose density(g/cm³) Sedimentation(200ml/30g·60min) L/D
HK-50F ≤0.60 ≥50 ≥6-12:1
HK-60F ≤0.56 ≥60 ≥6-12:1
HK-90 ≤0.50 ≥75 ≥15-20:1
Chemical Specifications (%)


SiO2 CaO Fe2O3 Al2O MgO L.O.I.
HK-50F 40MIN 40MIN 1.2MAX 2.0MAX 2.0MAX 12MAX
HK-60F 43MIN 42MIN 1.0MAX 2.0MAX 1.5MAX 8MAX
HK-90 48MIN 45MIN 0.50MAX 1.0MAX 1.0MAX 4.0MAX


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